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Hello Saltycrane

Well, I posted a "goodbye" post on my Blogger blog. I suppose I ought to write a "hello" post here on my new Django blog. Hmm, I'm not quite sure what to write. Some may be wondering where I came up with the name "" for my domain name. Well it's a sort of personal code name brainstormed by my friend, Bill, who happens to use Python for big screen productions. I like the name, but I just hope it isn't too creative for such a dry blog.


As I mentioned in my "goodbye" post, I am starting a new web development job at a small startup company. I am very excited about learning and making use of the technology that captured me over that past couple years. I will be doing a lot more Ruby and Rails now so I hope to post notes as I learn that. I also still plan to refine this Django blog and will post about that whenever I make updates. That's about it!


#1 la commented on :

cool blog. maybe someday i'll be able to understand what you're talking about. :)

#2 sofeng commented on :

Thanks. I would like to do more explanation if I had time, but most of the time it is just my notes for myself and those doing the same thing.