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I'm Eliot and I work as a Web Developer in Los Angeles, California. I'm a programmer, Asian American, father, husband, and Christian in reverse order of importance. My friend, Bill, coined the name, Salty Crane, as a code for my name. I try to be salty, but most of the time I'm sour instead. I have a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering and had planned to pursue a career in Robotics. Instead, I switched to software in 2003. I worked with C and embedded software for several years then made a bigger jump to web development in 2008. I enjoy programming and try to continually learn as much as possible. In my spare time, I like to play sports, do outdoor activities, and spend time with my wife and kids.

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This site is built on Linode, Amazon S3, Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, Gunicorn, Nginx, Python, Django, Pygments, Bootstrap, and edited with Emacs. See my blogproject tag for more information.