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Transition: Bye Blogger, Bo*ing

I've come to a transition point in my blogging and professional life. As for blogging, I am saying goodbye to Blogger and moving on to my new Django blog located at If everything goes according to plan, this will be my last post here on Blogger. My new blog is pretty much finished, so I might as well start using it for real. Undoubtedly, I will have to make fixes and tweaks, but that's the best way to learn, I suppose. Hopefully, it will serve me as well as Blogger has. To be honest, I hope it will serve me better than Blogger (that's why I'm moving, right?).

Which brings me to my second transition. I am also transitioning out of embedded software and my almost ten year career in the Aerospace/Defense industry to a small web 2.0 startup company. My current company has been great, but kind of like my new blog, I am hoping for something even better. Instead of using C as my primary language, I will be using Python, Django, Ruby, and Rails. It's true I don't have much Ruby or Rails experience, but I plan to learn fast. I am currently in Chapter 5 of Why's (poignant) (and free) (and very funny) guide to Ruby and am starting on my newly purchased Agile Web Development with Rails, 3rd edition Beta. You can expect I will start posting a lot more on Ruby and Rails on my new blog. Hopefully I can add some insightful impressions as a devoted Pythonista. (Though, I don't too much care for that term.)

Well, I'm off! Please come along!

UPDATE 2008/8/6: It looks like I get to mostly stick with Python and Django instead of Ruby and Rails. Cool.