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Test coverage with nose and

It's fun to use nose + to show my progress as I write tests. Seeing the bar next to my code change from red to green makes me happy. 100% test coverage does not mean tests are complete. For example, a boolean OR'ed conditional expression may not test all conditions even though the line is marked as covered. Other limitations are discussed here: Flaws in coverage measurement. However, good test coverage is at least a step towards having a good test suite.

Install nose and

Activate your virtualenv and pip install nose and coverage.

$ pip install nose 
$ pip install coverage 

Run it

Here is the command line I use to run the tests. --with-coverage enables the nose-coverage plugin to check test coverage. --cover-erase erases coverage test results from a previous run. --cover-package specifies which Python package to analyze. Specifiy the package as you would using an import (e.g. If --cover-package is not specified, it will analyze everything. --cover-html enables pretty HTML coverage reports. This example is for the flask-encryptedsession tests.

$ nosetests --with-coverage --cover-erase --cover-package=flask_encryptedsession --cover-html
Name                                      Stmts   Miss  Cover   Missing
flask_encryptedsession                        0      0   100%   
flask_encryptedsession.encryptedcookie       41      1    98%   176
flask_encryptedsession.encryptedsession      35      1    97%   75
TOTAL                                        76      2    97%   
Ran 10 tests in 0.188s


Display the HTML report

$ firefox cover/index.html 

Get branch coverage

Branch coverage is useful for checking "if" statements without an explicit "else" in the code. I had to install the development version of nose to use this feature: As of version 1.2.0, this feature is available.

$ pip install 
$ nosetests --cover-branches --with-coverage --cover-erase --cover-package=flask_encryptedsession --cover-html 
Name                                      Stmts   Miss Branch BrPart  Cover   Missing
flask_encryptedsession                        0      0      0      0   100%   
flask_encryptedsession.encryptedcookie       41      1     12      1    96%   176
flask_encryptedsession.encryptedsession      35      1      4      1    95%   75
TOTAL                                        76      2     16      2    96%   
Ran 10 tests in 0.234s



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In a later comment, I would love to go over some of the reasoning behind our choices. Tremendous information here. I really do like perusing your blog.

I learned a vast amount from them.

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Is there a way to run coverage on just one file in a project (instead of whole package)?

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Thanks for the write up! Very helpful.