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Macy's $25 rebate form for Pandigital 10.1" digital picture frame (2009)

Macy's had a black friday deal for a 10.1" Pandigital digital photo frame for $50 after rebate. But when I bought the frame, they gave me a $15 rebate form instead of the $25 rebate form that was advertised. Macy's removed the rebate form from their website, but I found it in Google's cache. If that link fails, I made another copy of the form here: Macy's $25 Pandigital rebate for 10.1" digital picture frame. This rebate is for the Pandigital model PI1003DW purchased between November 26 and November 28, 2009. Rebate submissions must be postmarked by December 28, 2009.

UPDATE: For other rebates, here are my notes on how to find Macy's rebates forms in the Google cache


#1 Nicole commented on :

THANK YOU for posting this, I was looking everywhere!!!

#2 Nancy commented on :

By any chance, you have $25 rebate form for Macy's Pandigital for 9" digital picture frame this year's Black Friday (2010). Model p19001dw. Macy's rebate system sucks. I can't find the rebate form anywhere on the web. Thanks!!

#3 Cary commented on :

Nancy if I manage to get it from them I'll let you know! It's certainly not on the web! All I can find online is a $10 one.

#6 Brandon commented on :

Anybody still have this form. The cache no longer has the form available. If you do, send it to me at [email protected]


#7 Brandon commented on :

Nevermind, I found a copy at