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Free Computer Science courses online

I found out there is a video lecture series to go along with my new book The Algorithm Design Manual. The audio level is really low, but I think it will complement my book reading nicely. There are also lecture notes and homework assignments. It also turns out MIT has a huge collection of free courses online. Not all of them have video though. I listed some interesting Computer Science related courses with video below. After more searching, I found UC Berkeley also has a number of free courses online, including four Computer Science courses with video. The final source I found was ArsDigita University. They have a good number of Computer Science video lectures as well, but I had a hard time connecting. Let me know if I am missing other good sources.

Update 2009-7-8: I've updated the list to include Stanford's online courses. They have 3 Introduction to Computer Science courses with video lectures and 3 Artificial Intelligence courses with video lectures.

Stony Brook University Courses

MIT Courses

UC Berkeley Courses

Stanford Courses

See also: ArsDigita University Courses


#1 Nathan commented on :

Just thought I'd drop you a note, BY FAR the best video lectures site on the net is, their lectures for algorithms, data structures, machine learning and other advanced CS topics is unmatched. In machine learning particularly, they have lectures and workshops from ALL the top people in the field.

Best of luck with your self education!


#2 Eliot commented on :

Nathan, Thanks for the feedback. seems to be a very comprehensive site. I will have to explore this further in the future.

#3 Admin commented on :

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#4 Armando S. Sorenson commented on :

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