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My Python geek list

I noticed a few Python people had switched from Google Code to github or bitbucket. Then I thought, "Hey, maybe I can gather interesting information about my favorite Python geeks in a table!" Then I started making said table. Then I thought, "This is a dumb idea!" But I decided to post the table anyways. So, here it is: a dumb table of smart people.

Adam Gomaatwitter iconbitbucketDjango People
Bob Ippolitotwitter iconGoogle Codesimplejson
David Beazlytwitter iconPython Essential Reference, Course on Coroutines, PLY
Glyph Lefkowitztwitter iconTwisted
Guido van Rossumtwitter iconGoogle CodePythonWikipedia
Ian Bickingtwitter iconbitbucketSQLObject, virtualenv, pip
Jack DiederichClass Decorators PyCon talk
Jacob Kaplan-Mosstwitter icongithubDjangoDjango People
James Bennetttwitter iconbitbucketDjangoDjango People
James Taubertwitter icongithubPinaxDjango People
Simon Willisontwitter iconGoogle Code, githubDjangoWikipedia
Django People


#1 babul commented on :

Hi Sofeng,

I don't think it is a bad idea. Infact I did the same a few months back as I started to get into Python.

Now doing samething for Satchmo as everyone wants an ecommerce solution and I'm rubbish at ecommerce. ;)

Kind regards,


#2 Eliot commented on :

hi babul,
thanks. what did your list look like? is it publically viewable somewhere?