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Consolidating hostings services

I've been using Webfaction shared hosting for this blog and Slicehost VPS hosting for our greeting card store. I've had no problems with Webfaction, but I'd like to put both sites on one host, so I am moving this blog to Slicehost. Later, I might switch from Slicehost to Linode because they seem to have lower prices than Slicehost. But I thought I'll do one step at a time. I've already moved my code over and everything seems to be working OK. I plan to switch the nameservers soon after I put this post up. If any comments are posted during the switch, they might get lost. My domain registrar says it might take ~48 hours to be complete. I'm not sure exactly how that works. I will change the footer at the bottom of the Slicehost-hosted site to read "Hosted by Slicehost" while the Webfaction site will continue to read "Hosted by Webfaction".

Update 2009-06-22: Here is an endorsement for Slicehost by James Bennett (and many more in the comments). Maybe I should rethink a switch to Linode.


#1 joew commented on :

what is your monthly cost on slicehost?

#2 Eliot commented on :

hey Joe, I'm on the cheapest plan at Slicehost which is $20/month. My old Webfaction plan was $9.50/month with no commitment.