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Django Blog Project #16: Adding URL redirects using the Blogger API

I wanted to insert URL redirects on my old Blogger posts pointing to my new blog articles. A comment on my Migrating Blogger Posts post suggested that I use the (Python) Blogger API. This was a great suggestion. The Blogger API was well documented and easy to use. Here is the script I used to insert the URL redirects on each of my old Blogger posts.

from gdata import service
import re
import gdata
import atom

NEW_HTML = """
<script language="javascript">
  setTimeout('location.href="%s"', 2000);
<br /><br />
  </b><p>This is my OLD blog. I've copied this post over to my NEW blog at:</p>
  <p><a href="%s">%s</a></p>
  <p>You should be redirected in 2 seconds.</p>

<br /><br />

# authenticate
blogger_service = service.GDataService('[email protected]', 'mypassword')
blogger_service.service = 'blogger'
blogger_service.account_type = 'GOOGLE'
blogger_service.server = ''

# get list of blogs
query = service.Query()
query.feed = '/feeds/default/blogs'
feed = blogger_service.Get(query.ToUri())

# get blog id
blog_id = feed.entry[0].GetSelfLink().href.split("/")[-1]

# get all posts
query = service.Query()
query.feed = '/feeds/%s/posts/default' % blog_id
query.published_min = '2000-01-01'
query.published_max = '2009-01-01'
query.max_results = 1000
feed = blogger_service.Get(query.ToUri())
print feed.title.text

for entry in feed.entry:
    # create link to article on new blog
    new_link = re.sub(r'http://iwiwdsmi\.blogspot\.com/(.*)\.html',
    print new_link

    # update post
    to_add = NEW_HTML % (new_link, new_link, new_link)
    entry.content.text = to_add + entry.content.text
    blogger_service.Put(entry, entry.GetEditLink().href)


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