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Django Blog Project #15: New site logo

I now have a new site logo design drawn by my wife, Angela! Doesn't it look great? My previous logo was a crane picture I had just pulled from the web somewhere. So it is nice to have a custom logo done for me. Luckily my wife is artistic and didn't mind drawing it for me. I also made some minor changes to the title block to make things look a little better up there. Now to figure out how to style the rest of the page.

I also got a "memory over limit" warning from Webfaction this week. Over the weekend, I had redirected all my old Blogger posts to this blog, so apparently the small increase in traffic brought to light some of my inefficient code. To help solve the problem, I switched over to django-tagging. This eliminated a bunch of my inefficient code and I appear to be within the memory limits now. There is still another section of code I need to rework, but this solves the problem for now. Django-tagging is pretty cool-- I haven't quite got everything working correctly, but I will be sure to write some notes on it when I get the time.


#1 Alexander Artemenko commented on :

Hmm, reading your post, I remembered, that I need to merge my modified django-tagging with the latest trunk.

I made some changes in this wonderful piece of code, to make it work with django-multilingual :-)

#2 Eliot commented on :

django-tagging is a great project-- I would like to use the logical AND and OR functionality for tagging. Do you have any experience with this?

#3 mom commented on :

Cute logo!

#4 Bill commented on :

Go Angela, nice logo.