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Eclipse 3.3 cannot open a file from the command line

I want to type "eclipse myfile" from the command line and have eclipse openmyfile. As of version 3.3, Eclipse can't do this. See this post on the eclipse mailing list and bug report 60289.
I like Eclipse a lot, but am considering using emacs. It would be nice if there were a fast, keyboard driven editor/IDE with *functional* graphical decorations. Graphical icons are useful, but it shouldn't mean that the application is slow and requires a mouse.
sidenote: ratpoison with Cgywin/X, screen, rxvt, and bash are working great.

UPDATE 7/23/07: Padclipse is a lightweight editor based on Eclipse that allows you to open a file from the command line. You can add plug-ins to Padclipse like Eclipse, however, I could not get all of the Eclipse functionality to work.


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You can try following plugin to add web interface to the eclipse:

Then invoking:
_wget http://localhost:56789?command=open_file&filepath=/etc/passwd
should open /etc/passwd in your eclipse