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VxWorks/Tornado bootable project tutorial

 How to create a bootable application for the Simulator in Tornado 2.2 on Windows.
  1. From the "File" menu, select "New Project..."
  2. Double-click "Create a bootable VxWorks image (custom configured)
  3. Enter "Name:", "Location:", etc. Click "Next".
  4. Select the "A BSP" option. Select "simpc" and "gnu" for the "Tool". (The path should automatically be "C:\Tornado2.2\target\config\simpc".) Click "Next".
  5. Click "Finish".
  6. In the "Workspace" window, right-click on your project and select "Add Files..."
  7. Navigate to your source directory. Select all the files. (Click the first file, then while holding the "Shift" key, click the last file.) Click "Add".
  8. Double-click on usrAppInit.c. Under "/* add application specific code here */", add the entry-point function call for your application. Save the file.
  9. In the "Workspace" window, right-click on your project and select "Build 'vxWorks.exe'"
  10. Click "OK" to calculate dependencies.
  11. Your project should now build.
To run your bootable application:
  1. From the "Tools" menu, select "Simulator..."
  2. Select the "Custom-build simulator" option
  3. Click "Browse..." and navigate to your project directory. In the "default" folder, select "vxWorks.exe".
  4. Click "OK".
  5. Your application should now run.
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#1 Caleb commented on :

Excellent VxWorks tutorials! They are so much more concise than the provided Wind River documentation.

#2 Rajesh G commented on :

Dear Sir/Madam, This is Rajesh from UNIQ technologies(Chennai) I need VxWorks Software Evaluation Version for work with RTOS. Kindly send me the software Pack