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How to use the mingw gdb debugger with Eclipse 3.2 / CDT 3.1

How to use the mingw gdb debugger with Eclipse 3.2 / CDT 3.1
  1. Go to;_id=20507, download gdb-5.2.1-1.exe, and run it to install.
  2. Create a C Project and build it.
  3. From the "Run" menu, select "Debug..."
  4. Click on "C/C++ Local Application", then click the 'New' button (it is a button with a plus sign in the top left corner).
  5. Click the "Search Project..." button and select your executable.
  6. Click on the "Environment" tab, and click "New..."
  7. In the "Name:" field, enter "Path". In the "Value:" field, enter "c:\mingw\bin". Click "OK".
  8. Click the "Debugger" tab. From the "Debugger:" dropdown box, select "gdb Debugger".
  9. Click "Debug". Your gdb debugger session should now begin.
  10. If you get a "Confirm Perspective Switch" dialog, click on "Yes" to switch to the Debug perspective.
  11. You can now use the buttons in your "Debug" window to step through your code.
See also my post, How to setup the MinGW gcc tools for your Managed Make C Project in CDT 3.1 and Eclipse 3.2

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#1 Keith commented on :

Hi there; appreciate that you put this on your blog. By any chance, however, does this same configuration work with Eclipse 3.3 and CDT 4.0.1? I'm getting all kinds of errors.

#2 sofeng commented on :

sorry, i haven't tried this with Eclipse 3.3 / CDT 4.0. i've been using Emacs, so i haven't done too much with Eclipse recently

#3 Anonymous commented on :

the link to the gdb debugger does not work.

#4 sofeng commented on :

Thanks, I fixed the link.

#5 DannyStaple commented on :

Also worth noting is that you will need to download the MingW expat dll too for GDB to run.

#6 kj commented on :

Hi, your link to the GDB doesn't work today and the MinGW installer still doesn't contain it.

But I found Wascana for Eclipse

It provides MinGW along with the debugger. You can update your eclipse via the repository or download an entire updated eclipse. That's how I got the working c++-Debugger in Eclipse.

HTH, kev

#7 QW commented on :

I copied the link and install new software in Eclipse. However, I don't see any difference after installation.

#8 Russell Potter commented on :

I followed the ptofrdure given om your article (except that my Eclipse had a "Run Configurations" item directly in the "Run" menu - although that differ- ence dis probably because I;m I'm using EClipse Indigo), but when press on the "Debug" button, I get the error message: "Error in final launch sequence Failed to execute MI command: -exec-run rror message from debugger back end: Error creating process, (error 740).". what causes this error snd how do I get around it?

#9 Clifton commented on :

googled for this and ran upon this tip. thanks eliot!

#10 Eliot commented on :

Hey Clifton, long time! glad it helped!