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Configuring the VxWorks Full Simulator on Windows

My notes on configuring the VxSim Full Simulator on Windows XP. Note: this is not working.
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Install ULIP
  1. Go to Tornado 2.2 User's Guide > section 6.5 "Configuring the VxSim Full Simulator" > "Installing ULIP on a Windows XP Host" and follow the instructions. Here is the extract of the text:
    Installing ULIP on a Windows XP Host
    1. From the Start menu select Settings>Control Panel>Add Hardware. This launches
    the driver installation wizard. Click Next.
    2. The wizard searches for recently connected hardware; this stage can take
    several minutes. Then select Yes, I have already connected the hardware, and click
    3. From the Installed hardware list, select Add a new hardware device, and click Next.
    4. Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list [Advanced], click Next.
    5. From the Common hardware types list, select Network adapters, click Next.
    6. Click Have Disk, and select the host\x86-win32\bin directory of your Tornado
    7. Select WindRiver ULIP, and click Next twice
    8. The Hardware Installation dialog reports that “WindRiver ULIP has not passed
    Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP. You can
    safely ignore this warning and click Continue Anyway.
    9. Then, from the Control Panel, launch Network Connections and right-click
    WindRiver ULIP connection (You can rename this connection).
    10. From the WindRiver ULIP Properties panel, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and
    click Properties.
    11. Check Use the following IP address, and enter an IP address of the form
    nnn.nnn.nnn.254 (for example,, and as Subnet
    mask, and click on Advanced.
    12. In the WINS tab, select Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP and click OK to properly
    close all the remaining windows.
    13. If you want to enable network communication between simulators and the
    outside world, select Setting>Control Panel>Administrative tools from the Start
    menu, double-click on Services, then search for the Routing and Remote access
    service. If it is disabled, right-click on it and change the startup type to
    Automatic so it will be started whenWindows starts. Click OK to validate your
    change. The service can now be started using the play icon on the main service
Configure VxSim for Networking
  1. Create a bootable project
  2. From pg. 208 of the Tornado User's Guide:
    - On the VxWorks tab in the Project Workspace window, select the folder called
    network components.
    - Right click and select Include ‘network components’ from the pop-up menu. Click
    OK to accept the defaults.
  3. Click on "development tool components" > "WDB agent components" > "select WDB connection".
  4. Right-click on the bolded "WDB simulator pipe connection" and select "Exclude 'WDB simulator pipe connection'". Click "OK"
  5. Right-click on "WDB END driver connection" and select "Include 'WDB END driver connection'...". Click "OK".
  6. Rebuild your project.
Launch the Simulator / Configure Target Server
  1. Follow these instructions from pg. 209 of the Tornado User's Guide:
    – Click the Launch Simulator icon. Select Custom-built simulator and set the path
    to a full simulator project directory. Click OK. In the Launch Target Server
    window. click on Details. Select Full simulator to enable the default target
    server options and click OK to launch the target server.
    – Click on Tools>TargetServer>Configure. In the Configure Target Servers
    window, select wdbrpc in the Available Back Ends list, set the IP address of
    the simulator in the Target Name/IP Address field, and set the target server
    name to vxsim.
    The target server command line should be:
    tgtsvr.exe -n vxsim1 -V -B wdbrpc
  2. I got the following errors in my target server window:
    tgtsvr (vxsim@MYCOMPUTER): Tue Feb 27 09:45:57 2007
        Checking License ...OK
        Connecting to target agent... succeeded.
        Attaching C++ interface... succeeded.
        Attaching pecoff OMF reader for SIMNT CPU family... succeeded.
        Error: rpccore backend client Procedure unavailable
        Error: Cannot get target toolname (gopher Error)


#1 marcos commented on :

Hello How are you? Did you get this working? I am trying to setup Tornado 2.2 with vxsim in my notebook (XP Media Center)and I can't get vxwim working. I was not able to setup the "target server" with vxsim. Thanks Rgds m

#2 Trevor commented on :

Here I am. In 2015... reading old posts for old software from 2007. :(


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