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PyQt4 Examples

PyQt is the best GUI toolkit for Python. Here are some examples and notes I am in the process of collecting.

There is a good collection of tutorials and examples included with the PyQt 4 installation. On Windows, go to "Start" -> "All Programs" -> "PyQt GPL v4.x.x" -> "Examples Source" for many tutorials and examples ported from C++/QT to Python/PyQt.

Update 2008-09-28: For Ubuntu Linux, the examples are part of the python-qt4-doc package. Execute sudo apt-get install python-qt4-doc then navigate to /usr/share/doc/python-qt4-doc/examples.


#1 PATX commented on :

Thanks! These are very cool! Also, the update about the examples on Ubuntu was great (I have been looking for those stupid examples on Ubuntu forever!).

#2 reza commented on :

Thanks! good Job

#3 yogesh commented on :

very good examples. really nice job