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dumpel.exe dumps Windows 2000 event log data to a tab-delimited text file download at: run the command: dumpel -f dumpel_results.txt -l security -d 10 Does anyone know how to interpret the hex data output?


#1 Eliot commented on :

I added a try/except block around the send_email function so hopefully that will get rid of some of the 500 internal server errors when posting comments.

#2 Eliot commented on :

Let's see if comments are working after upgrading to django 1.3 and migrating to Linode.

#3 Eliot commented on :

checking new deploy process.

#4 Eliot commented on :

comments still work after skin switching mucking?

#5 Eliot commented on :

did I break comments after skin work?

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testing comments after v2 again

#7 Eliot commented on :

testing newly added Disqus comments