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How to use pip with

Here's how to use pip with (in case goes down):
$ pip install --index-url= yolk 
Or with logging to see what's happening:
$ pip install --log=my-pip-debug.log --index-url= yolk 

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#1 Karol Majta commented on 2013-03-04:

This is good ;) cheeseshop tends to be insanely slow lately.

#2 Daniel Altiparmak commented on 2013-05-02:

We tried to bundle all installation requirement in a buildout. Watch @

#3 Kurt commented on 2013-08-30:

Thanks! I put this in my pip.conf

#4 Manuel Gutierrez commented on 2013-10-21:

You must check this.

#5 Wilfred Hughes commented on 2013-10-30:

pip offers download caching, which is a huge help to performance even when PYPI is behaving itself. Just add to your ~/.pip/pip.conf:

download-cache = /mnt/pip-cache

Relevant Stack Overflow question. I wish pip did this by default.

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