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Remove leading and trailing whitespace from a csv file with Python

I'm reading a csv file with the Python csv module and could not find a setting to remove trailing whitespace. I found this setting, Dialect.skipinitialspace, but it I think it only applies to leading whitespace. Here's a one-liner to delete leading and trailing whitespace that worked for me.

import csv

reader = csv.DictReader(
    fieldnames=('myfield1', 'myfield1', 'myfield3'),

# skip the header row

# remove leading and trailing whitespace from all values
reader = (
    dict((k, v.strip()) for k, v in row.items() if v) for row in reader)

# print results
for row in reader:
    print row

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#1 Tom commented on 2011-10-21:

Wouldn't this load all the csv values into memory? And is this a practical solution for large data-sets?

#2 Eliot commented on 2011-10-21:

It actually creates another generator so it won't load all values into memory at one time.

print type(reader)


<type 'generator'>

If you make it a list instead of a generator (change the parentheses to square brackets), it will load all values into memory at one time:

reader = [
    dict((k, v.strip()) for k, v in row.items()) for row in reader]

print type(reader)


<type 'list'>

#3 Johannes commented on 2011-12-13:

Although not a python solution, you may be interested in looking into Google Refine for tasks like this. It makes cleaning up CSV data a breeze. It also has support for Jython so you can run Python expressions on the data.

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