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Flow Type Cheat Sheet

Flow is a static type checker for JavaScript. This is a list of Flow types generated from the source code in The script to generate this list is on github. Fixes welcome.

  • There are separate sections for "private" or "magic" types with a $ in the name. See the note here and comment here. Update: Some these types are now documented here.
  • Links in bold point to the Flow documentation. Other links point to the Flow source code.

Flow version: v0.87.0 v0.86.0 v0.85.0 v0.84.0 v0.83.0 v0.82.0 v0.81.0 v0.80.0 v0.79.1 v0.78.0 v0.77.0 v0.76.0 v0.75.0 v0.74.0 v0.73.0 v0.72.0 v0.71.0 v0.70.0 v0.69.0 v0.68.0 v0.67.0 v0.66.0 v0.65.0 v0.64.0 v0.63.1 v0.62.0 v0.61.0 v0.60.1 v0.59.0 v0.58.0 v0.57.3 v0.56.0 v0.55.0 v0.54.0 v0.53.1 v0.52.0 v0.51.1 v0.50.0 v0.49.1 v0.48.0 v0.47.0 v0.46.0 v0.45.0



Document Object Model (DOM)

Document Object Model (DOM) "private" types

Browser Object Model (BOM)

Browser Object Model (BOM) "private" types

CSS Object Model (CSSOM)



Node.js "private" types