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Flow Type Cheat Sheet

Flow is a static type checker for JavaScript. This is a list of Flow types generated from the source code in The script to generate this list is on github. Fixes welcome. See also my TypeScript cheat sheet, TypeScript React cheat sheet, and Docker cheat sheet.

  • There are separate sections for "private" or "magic" types with a $ in the name. See the note here and comment here. Update: Some these types are now documented here.
  • Links in bold point to the Flow documentation. Other links point to the Flow source code.

Flow version: v0.111.3 v0.110.1 v0.109.0 v0.108.0 v0.107.0 v0.106.3 v0.105.2 v0.104.0 v0.103.0 v0.102.0 v0.101.1 v0.100.0 v0.99.1 v0.98.1 v0.97.0 v0.96.1 v0.95.2 v0.94.0 v0.93.0 v0.92.1 v0.91.0 v0.90.0 v0.89.0 v0.88.0 v0.87.0 v0.86.0 v0.85.0 v0.84.0 v0.83.0 v0.82.0 v0.81.0 v0.80.0 v0.79.1 v0.78.0 v0.77.0 v0.76.0 v0.75.0 v0.74.0 v0.73.0 v0.72.0 v0.71.0 v0.70.0 v0.69.0 v0.68.0 v0.67.0 v0.66.0 v0.65.0 v0.64.0 v0.63.1 v0.62.0 v0.61.0 v0.60.1 v0.59.0 v0.58.0 v0.57.3 v0.56.0 v0.55.0 v0.54.0 v0.53.1 v0.52.0 v0.51.1 v0.50.0 v0.49.1 v0.48.0 v0.47.0 v0.46.0 v0.45.0



Document Object Model (DOM)

Document Object Model (DOM) "private" types

Browser Object Model (BOM)

Browser Object Model (BOM) "private" types

CSS Object Model (CSSOM)



Node.js "private" types