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git worktree notes

git worktree allows you to have multiple working directories associated with one git repo. It has been useful for me to look at, copy code between, and run two different branches of my code. I learned about git worktreee from James Ide's tweet:

Initial setup

Move the checked out git repository to a /main subdirectory

$ mv /my-project /main 
$ mkdir /my-project 
$ mv /main /my-project 

Create a new working tree from an existing branch

$ cd /my-project/main 
$ git worktree add ../my-branch-working-dir my-branch 
$ cd ../my-branch-working-dir 

Create a new branch and new working tree

$ cd /my-project/main 
$ git worktree add -b my-new-branch ../my-new-branch-working-dir origin/master 
$ cd ../my-new-branch-working-dir 

Delete a working tree

$ cd /my-project 
$ rm -rf my-branch-working-dir 
$ git worktree prune 

fatal: my-branch is already checked out error

Deleting .git/worktrees/my-branch fixed the problem for me. See

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