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New PC setup notes

Here is how I set up my new work PC with Xubuntu, wmii, and conkeror using the wubi windows installer and my home mercurial repository of dot files. Notes: ti is a python script I use to interface with the remote machine that holds my mercurial repositories. I also have another python script which concatenates my configuration files in ~/etc with my local machine-specific configuration files in ~/local/localmachine/etc and puts them in my home directory. crayola is my home machine. cotton is my new work machine. (Actually I haven't changed the name yet.)

  • I used the wubi installer to install Xubuntu as part of the Windows filesystem.
  • I restarted the computer and selected to boot into Xubuntu. (I actually had to restart twice because the first time it was configuring stuff.)
  • I ran the Update Manager.
  • I installed Mercurial:
    $ sudo apt-get install mercurial
  • I cloned my home directory repository and set it up:
    $ cd /home
    $ sudo mv sofeng sofeng-old
    $ sudo hg clone ssh://[email protected]//home/sofeng
    $ sudo mkdir -p ~/local/cotton/etc
    $ sudo mkdir -p ~/local/cotton/bin
    $ sudo chown -R sofeng:sofeng /home/sofeng
    $ cp ~/local/crayola/etc/.* ~/local/cotton/etc
    $ . ~/.bashrc
  • I installed some stuff:
    $ sudo apt-get install wmii
    $ sudo apt-get install rxvt-unicode
    $ sudo apt-get install emacs-snapshot
    $ sudo apt-get install lastfm
    $ sudo apt-get install conky
  • I logged out of Xfce and logged into wmii. Mod4+Enter to get a urxvt terminal.
  • I cloned my conkeror repository:
    $ cd ~/lib
    $ ti clone conk