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Cannot contact Wind Registry on host

tgtsvr error: Cannot contact Wind Registry on host

  • make sure the Wind Registry is running by looking for either the icon in the system tray or wtxreg.exe or wtxregd.exe in the Processes tab of your Windows Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL, Task Manager).
  • even if it is running as a service, try restarting it. Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. Go to Tornado Registry and restart.
  • make sure your host and target are on the same network. from your host computer, open a cmd.exe prompt and "ping" (insert your IP address). if you don't get a response back, this is a problem.
  • Go to the "Tools" menu, "Options...", "Tornado Registry" tab (all the way to the right) and make sure your registry option is correct. I am using a "Local registry". Note that Tornado is messed up here-- I had my setting correct-- but just navigating to this tab, and pressing the "OK" button (without changing the setting) fixed the problem.