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How to determine the version of your Diab compiler in Tornado 2.2 / VxWorks 5.5

Did you ever wonder what version Diab compiler you were using with Tornado 2.2? I have a directory path called "C:\Tornado2.2\host\diab\5.1.2\WIN32\bin", but 5.1.2 was not my version. There was a file called "relnote.htm" which said 5.0.2, but that was slightly incorrect too. The answer is to use the "-VV" option with "dcc.exe", the Diab compiler. (Use "dplus -VV" for C++.) Note the option is two capital "V"s, not a "W". Here is how to do it.

1. In the "Workspace" window, click on the "Builds" tab.
2. Double-click on one of the projects using a Diab compiler
2. Right-click on the build (e.g. "PPC860diab") and select "Properties..."
3. Click on the "C/C++ compiler" tab
4. In the text box put "-VV " as the first option
5. Click "OK"
6. Right-click on your project or build and select "Build 'xxx.out'" where xxx is your project name
7. Your "Build Output" window should now contain a line something like "dcc Rel 5.0.3" which is your Diab compiler version.