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How to start a long-running process in screen and detach from it

How to start a long-running process in screen, detach from it, and reattach to it later.

Start a long running process in screen and detach

  • Ssh to the remote host, myremote:
    eliot@mylocal:~$ ssh myremote 
  • Start a new screen session
    eliot@myremote:~$ screen 
  • Start a long running process, "sleep 3600":
    eliot@myremote:~$ sleep 3600 
  • Detach from the screen session:
    eliot@myremote:~$ CTRL-A : detach ENTER 
    (Hit [CTRL-A], then type a colon character, then type "detach", then hit [ENTER])
  • Exit your remote SSH session:
    eliot@myremote:~$ exit 

Reattach to the existing screen session

  • Ssh to the remote host again:
    eliot@mylocal:~$ ssh ...
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How to use pip with

Here's how to use pip with (in case goes down):
$ pip install --index-url= yolk 
Or with logging to see what's happening:
$ pip install --log=my-pip-debug.log --index-url= yolk 

See also

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How to run a Django local development server on a remote machine and access it in your browser on your local machine using SSH port forwarding

Here is how to run a Django local development server on a remote machine and access it in your browser on your local machine using SSH port forwarding. (This is useful if there is a firewall blocking access to the port of your Django local dev server (port 8000).

  1. On the local host, SSH to the remote host:
    $ ssh -v -L 9000:localhost:8000 
  2. On the remote host, run the Django dev server:$ python runserver 
  3. On the local host, go ...
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Testing HTTPS w/ Flask's development server using stunnel on Ubuntu

Our website is served over HTTPS. To more easily test certain issues (e.g. mixed mode content warnings, or Mapquest SSL tile servers), I wanted to access my Flask local development server over HTTPS. These two articles describe how to do this using stunnel: Testing HTTPS with Django's Development Server, Django Development Server with HTTPS. Using stunnel, you can hit pages on your Django/Flask local dev server over HTTPS instead of HTTP. Here is how I installed it on Ubuntu Precise 12.04:

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Setting up a Linux DVR w/ MythTV, Ubuntu 12.04, and a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1250 TV tuner card

Setting up MythTV involves a little pain, but once it's set up, it's pretty great. And you don't have to spend lots of money on a DVR from the cable company. With my modest hardware specs, playback is smooth and clear, however Picture in Picture is too jittery to be useful. Here's what I did to get my MythTV DVR running on my Ubuntu machine.


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How to prevent nose (unittest) from using the docstring when verbosity >= 2

Some of our Python unit tests have docstrings. I find it annoying that, when using a verbosity level >= 2, nose prints the docstring instead of the class name and method name. Here's a hack to prevent it from doing that: Add a shortDescription() method to the test case class that returns None.

Here is an example of normal behavior:

import unittest

class MyTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_with_docstring(self):
        """Test that something does something

    def test_without_docstring(self):
$ nosetests --verbosity=2
Test that something does something ... ok
test_without_docstring (tmp.MyTestCase) ... ok

Here is an example with the hack ...

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Hack to share & sync Google contacts between Android phones

I want to share and sync (in real time) Google (Gmail) contacts with my wife on our Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread phones. Google does not make this easy to do. Here's the best solution I could come up with (ref whitenack on androidcentral). (Note: these are not our real email addresses.)

  • This contact list resides only on the account.
  • Contacts are removed from the "My Contacts" group and instead stored in groups called "Angela" and/or "Eliot". For shared contacts, the contact is in both groups. (Contact groups are like tags. A contact can be ...
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Test coverage with nose and

It's fun to use nose + to show my progress as I write tests. Seeing the bar next to my code change from red to green makes me happy. 100% test coverage does not mean tests are complete. For example, a boolean OR'ed conditional expression may not test all conditions even though the line is marked as covered. Other limitations are discussed here: Flaws in coverage measurement. However, good test coverage is at least a step towards having a good test suite.

Install nose and

Activate your virtualenv and pip install nose and coverage.

$ pip ...
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Pycon 2012 talks that I saw that I enjoyed

The Pycon 2012 videos are up at Here are some of the talks I enjoyed that I saw. I know I probably missed some great talks so I will try to watch more online. Let me know if there are some that I should not miss.

Favorite talk of the conference

Other great talks (in chronological order)

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A unique Python redis-based queue with delay

This is a simple Redis-based queue. Two features that I needed were uniqueness (i.e. if an item exists in the queue already, it won't be added again) and a delay, like beanstalkd, where an item must wait a specified time before it can be popped from the queue. There are a number of other Redis-based queues that have many more features but I didn't see one that had these two features together. This 50-line class works for my needs. It may or may not work for you. Feel free to copy this and build on it ...

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